Musings on Recent Life Lessons

Recently a group of friends and I, with a LOT of hard work and help (emphasis on help), managed to bring a year long project to fruition and raise 2,000 dollars for charity in two nights. It was an incredible experience and I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished, but now that it’s over I feel strangely empty inside.

This experience has taught me, more than anything else I think, two things. One, ask for and accept help when it’s offered. It was incredible to see the community rally around us to make what at times really seemed like an impossible dream come true.

Two, it’s much easier to do something when you don’t know how hard it is. I can pretty much guarantee that if we knew in advance what it would take for us to do this, we never would have attempted it. But we had no clue about what we were doing. To us, it looked possible, so we went for it. I can finally be the one who tells people what I always regarded as a ridiculous cliche: If you truly want something, go for it.  I’m not saying you’ll accomplish every goal, but if you don’t try, you KNOW you’ll never accomplish it.

Okay, fine, a LITTLE more detail, but only because you asked so nicely. Me and a couple of friends decided almost exactly one year ago to try and put on a show to raise money for teenagers suffering from issues stemming from depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Then we looked into it, saw that one show cost 900 dollars, and, for some reason that I simply cannot fathom looking back on it, thought that 900 dollars for one performance of a show (not accounting for the cost of a theater to perform in and a rehearsal space) was a completely doable thing when starting with zero dollars and no resources.

The long story short is that through a combination of hard work, sheer luck, and especially an incredible amount of help from other people we managed to afford to put on TWO performances, plus a donation performance used to help fund a show for NEXT year. It was really an incredible experience, and I’m still sad it’s over.

That’s really it. What I’m saying is, sometimes things don’t work out. Your dreams don’t come true. Your project is a failure.

And sometimes, you raise 2,000 dollars for charity. You’ll never know for sure unless you try. The cliche is true.

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