This Article. I Don’t Even… (Brief mild profanity at the end, for people who care)

…know what to say about it. It’s titled, “When Gender Goes, Happiness Blooms in Marriage”. For one thing, even the title is misleading, as it’s assuming in advance that two people of the same sex can be married. For another, the mothers in the article got pregnant through in vitro fertilization. Horrible. For yet ANOTHER, the article doesn’t define “Happiness” or “Tranquility”, and it gives no actual statistics to back up its rather ambitious claim. It just quotes “findings” from organizations that admit they can’t draw conclusions from yet! Seriously, here’s an ACTUAL QUOTE from the article:

Most of the questions people ask me about same sex marriage, my answer is, ‘We don’t know yet.’ “

Yeah, that’s a sterling vote of confidence. Way to back up your premise there.

And let’s not even talk about the sample size of same-sex marriages vs. straight marriages.

What an awful article. Propaganda at its finest.

Edit: I’d like to add, as ridiculous as this is (the “We don’t know yet” quote gets me every time), articles like this actually play an important part in promoting same-sex marriage. They manipulate people’s emotions. People on the fence read things like this and start leaning towards this point of view, and people who already agree with this have confirmation bias going for them and egos being stroked.

And it’s working. Public support for same-sex marriage is through the roof as compared to even five years ago.

A friend and I were discussing this, and his only criticism of my article was that he believed “propaganda at its finest” is a moniker that should belong only to the Nazis. He also said he didn’t think it was totally effective because of the obvious errors in logic. I responded with this:

Propaganda is meant to emotionally manipulate and convince people, not be smart. Obviously shit about Jews being sub-human is…well, bullshit. It’s ridiculous easily falsifiable pseudo-science. And yet, it was incredibly effective.

The important thing about propaganda isn’t that it’s well-argued or intelligent, it’s that it’s easily digestable in a quick read (I bet a ton of people will have drawn conclusions in advance just by looking at the article title) and that it makes people emotionally invested (who wants to argue with something that makes people happy?). The fact is, articles like this are really very frightening, because they work.

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1 Response to This Article. I Don’t Even… (Brief mild profanity at the end, for people who care)

  1. As I re-read this, I thought of yet ANOTHER objection – the assumption that happiness is in and of itself an indicator of a good marriage. It MIGHT be, and it’s certainly better for all involved if everybody’s happy, but just because the spouses are unhappy doesn’t necessarily mean the MARRIAGE is failing. A lot of things can contribute to that – children, for example, can be stressful!

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