A Quick Thought on Population Control and Sex Education.

I won’t pretend to know whether or not the population is growing at an alarmingly fast rate. I’ve seen arguments and I’ve seen counter-arguments and don’t know enough to really make some sort of positive statement on the matter. I will say this: I am against any type of population control.

Here’s why: When you try and control the population in some way, one of two things will happen. You will either become China, where one child policies have had a brutal effect on pregnant women and children, especially infant girls, or you will become a eugenicist.

When you say you think people should have less children, think about what you mean. WHICH people? The poor? So wait, you’re saying that poor people are inherently worse than the rest of us, and shouldn’t have poor children? Oh no, of course not. You’re saying that it’s a problem for the CHILDREN if they’re born poor. So if you don’t have money you might as well not be alive.Or having children and living in the city is worse than not having children in the inner city. Because children make things worse. They’re just statistics, after all.

Drug addicts, maybe? We should start forcing contraception on drug addicts? I have a sneaking suspicion that people who say this are floundering, because frankly I’d be pretty surprised if the difference this made would be anything but negligible. Not to mention, how on EARTH would we implement it?

The third thing I hear is that, well, people should be responsible and start having smaller families. Which brings us back to China and the bigotry (the bad kind) against families with more than one child, or whatever arbitrary number you want to impose.

One solution, of course, is abortion. And believe me, population control DEFINITELY factors into abortion with some leftists. I’ve both seen it in print and heard it in person (in passing). Another solution, and probably the most common one I’ve heard is that we should stop with this “abstinence only” sex ed crap and start teaching kids about contraception and condoms.

What do you think would happen then? Well, let’s use common sense: People will have more sex. And guess what? Not all of them will use a condom. No matter how good the class is.

Now, more people will use condoms than if abstinence only sex ed is emphasized. I’m not a moron. But when more people are having sex, they’ll soon get first-hand sex ed when the stork brings a visit. Not all of these people are going to bring a condom, but they ARE going to believe that fornication is something that should be on the table.

Also: Seriously, who doesn’t know how to use or get a condom? I haven’t had sex. The only condoms I’ve seen have been some disgusting litter I found lying on the ground. And yet, I THINK I could figure out how to work one. I’m pretty sure. Just possibly. And they’re not exactly hard to find either.

My point with all of this is that population control isn’t just doomed to failure, it’s immoral. If you want it to work, you’ll have to pay a price – well, someone will. Come to think of it, it probably won’t be you. That’s the point, right?

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7 Responses to A Quick Thought on Population Control and Sex Education.

  1. blankexpression42 says:

    well, the alternate sex ed class wouldn’t be the “Cookies and Condoms” talks, it’d be the scare tactic. but i’m sure that wouldn’t work simply because people’s minds are trained by society to think that “It won’t happen to me.”
    Honestly, how did we ever change as a society that spoke of sex in hushed tones behind closed doors to now where sex is talked of freely as if it were politics?

    • Not sure what you mean by “the scare tactic”. Honestly, that just sounds like a nasty version of abstinence only sex ed. I’m thinking of a Theology class right now where we had to watch a video of an angry woman talk about all of the problems with STDs and birth control and all the reasons pre-marital sex is bad – and by the way, there’s actually something to that.

      But it’s not what I was addressing. I’m saying that liberals believe the answer to sex outside of marriage is condoms and birth control. A good example: Bill Gates, famously liberal philanthropist, spent a ton of money so he could bring more condoms into Africa. The theory was that it would help stop the spread of HIV.

      It didn’t work. How do we know? Because instead of admitting he was wrong, he just wants to build a better condom: http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/25/health/bill-gates-condom-challenge .

      It’s that exact attitude, that “In case of emergency, just use condom!” attitude, that doesn’t work.

  2. Since I left behind my purely secular thinking, I’ve come to realize the benefit of leaving people without contraception. From a purely economical view it would certainly provide an incentive for people to forgo having sex until they are ready to have and rear children; however, I don’t buy the argument from social conservatives that it was the legalization of contraception that separated sex from it’s procreative aspect. I think teenagers in the 50’s and earlier generations were already doing that on their own, otherwise there wouldn’t have been any girls sent away to “visit family.” If we’re going to get rid of contraception we need to make sure that we set up classes that teach the mechanism of sex and reproduction without any pearl clutching.

    • Well, of course it was not ONLY contraception that did this. First of all there always were and will always be people who try to separate sex from its procreative aspect. What conservatives have denied that? But it cannot be denied that the legalization of artificial contraceptives did a LOT in making this something that was acceptable and normal as opposed to undesirable and to be avoided. It just logically follows.

      • Agreed, but the way some conservatives frame their arguments they make it seem like it was ONLY contraception that led to our culture of promiscuity although we have both established that it wasn’t. Contraception was a catalyst to our current situation, but it wasn’t the only cause.

      • They probably frame it that way because contraception has snaked its way so firmly into our society that to even suggest there’s a problem with it makes you, to the rest of the world, not just wrong but an extremist who is not to be taken seriously. When faced with that sort of opposition and placed in a position where it’s nearly impossible to be taken seriously you can imagine why for many conservatives it has become such an important issue; like gay marriage, it is a good measuring stick to see the decline of the culture.

  3. You make a good point, though I still think that it borders on the dishonest. Well, thanks for taking the time to engage in discussion with me malcomthecycnic.I found your comments to be very illuminating. I’m going to go ahead and call it a night. I hope you have a blessed day.

    Nicholas Rose

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