Sometimes Liberals Make Me Wonder…

…If they even know what they’re arguing against a lot of the time.

Here’s my beef: I see, all the time (most recently in a Yahoo article but also from a lot of people from my High School, my College, and on Facebook), liberals saying something along the lines of “Conservatives are fixating on things like abortion and gay marriage! They’re just distracting people from the REAL problems!”!

Here’s the thing: What do liberals think conservatives believe about abortion? Do they even know? Or are they just convinced it comes from this knee-jerk Biblical need to subjugate women or something? Because smart, pro-life conservatives should believe abortion is murder – period.

The question should REALLY be this: How come EVERY conservative doesn’t make abortion their number one priority? Because it should be, and if it isn’t, then I submit that you need to rethink your positions.

I hear it with gay marriage a lot too. “Why do they focus on gay marriage so much instead of the REAL problems?” Gay marriage is a REAL problem. It’s a serious one. The increasing acceptance of disordered as “normal” is a problem. And it’s affecting a lot of things. That it’s supposedly this little side issue distracting from the “real” issues stems, I submit, from ignorance of what the problem REALLY is with gay marriage.

I’ll put it this way – let’s say we were discussing schizophrenia. Severe schizophrenics are banned from doing certain things – like, I don’t know, teaching. Ever seen “A Beautiful Mind”? The main character, an extreme paranoid schizophrenic, was a Professor at a University but couldn’t teach for many years until he got his schizophrenia under control. So, we have some very good reasons that severe paranoid schizophrenics shouldn’t be teaching.

Now, would you consider it a problem – even, a big problem – if the APA came out and said, not only should we allow paranoid schizophrenics to teach, but that we shouldn’t even consider it a disorder, just an “alternate mindset”? And then came out and said that counseling to help get rid of schizophrenia hurt more than it helped? Maybe that’s even true – but even so, so what?

The parallel I’m trying to make to same-sex attraction should be clear. I know, of course, that what I just said was controversial, and can be argued. And I have a lot more to say about it.

But that’s not even my point. My point is that a liberal who asks why conservatives make such a big deal out of gay marriage and abortion doesn’t know what they’re talking about. And honestly? When I think of the number of people I’ve talked to who have made comments like that, it’s pretty amazing. And pretty sad. To think some of them are college professors… 

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